easy wrap!

I like wrapping gift with fabric!



Last month, I asked a friend of mine, Zaky (he’s a very talented artist btw) to put some doodle on a plain white mug. This mug was one of the birthday presents for Husband. See, we just need a bit of creativity and I think a handmade personalized gift is one of the best presents we can give to our loved ones. Sssh, the mug itself only costs less than Rp15.000. Bought it at Hero Supermarket. Cheapo!

was mine project!

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I held a second hand sale named Was Mine. I was in charge of the decoration. So, we collected our things. One of us have hula hoops, the other ones have these lace and wool leftovers. I used anything I have. wood panel, window panel, bench, ladder. Anything! Yes, the tricky yet fun part was how to have a nice display with a very low budget.

affordable art

You know how many times you went to this art shop and you wanted to buy those beautiful paintings or printed art but then you ended up not buying one. Well, I do appreciate the work of an artist but for this time being I can not afford millions rupiahs for one work of art. 

So, here’s what I did. I bought a set of blank cards from this talented artist, Inez Tiara, and I put it in a frame. Tadaa! It’s nice to have this beautiful little thing in our living room. Well, I hope one day I can have a bigger art of Inez (and some of my favorite artists).Image

music trip

taking your baby on a trip is both exciting and challenging. we took her to singapore a few days ago for a two days one night trip. it was a music trip.
in the end, it was a fab one though i have to admit that now i desperately need a good massage. will have another challenging trip in two weeks. woohoo!