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affordable art

You know how many times you went to this art shop and you wanted to buy those beautiful paintings or printed art but then you ended up not buying one. Well, I do appreciate the work of an artist but for this time being I can not afford millions rupiahs for one work of art. 

So, here’s what I did. I bought a set of blank cards from this talented artist, Inez Tiara, and I put it in a frame. Tadaa! It’s nice to have this beautiful little thing in our living room. Well, I hope one day I can have a bigger art of Inez (and some of my favorite artists).Image


rocking imaginations

yes, they’re not (just a bunch of) rocking horses. the one on the left looks like a turtle, but that can be a cloud under a big green roof with antenna. i will definitely have one of these creatures one day soon.

plush toy rocking creatures: ARCHI.KREATURE | http://www.jilsistore.com | 021 – 70731187

love: yellow and grey chevron

here’s my plan, find a good and simple  bedding set for Kira’s crib. i’m in love with this yellow and grey chevron pattern set from carousel designs, hope i can find a similar one here.

i’ve found a local baby bedding set designer, and will share you the result once the bedding set’s done. 🙂

btw, i really like this iPad free apps named ‘Houzz’! Husband has been addicted to this apps for weeks. you can visit the site too at http://www.houzz.com. it’s a perfect place for house/decor references.