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kirana bali

sheer face of love


last time doing a thing for the first time

bought a 10 cm wedges.
i never had wedges before. i wasn’t a fan of them.
but girlfriends told me wedges are pain-free heels. we’ll see.

This pair of Kalimantan’s ikat wedges is a local handmade of Aniaki, a brand from Bandung, Indonesia.

v.aniaki.hm | instagram: v_aniaki_hm

her little playground

i’m planning to set a little playground for my girl. we haven’t set her own room so i decided to use our living room. i simply put a mat on our carpet and a circus tent he bought at IKEA. spread a few of her toys and things that she could play with. 

a good friend of mine, fika and her daughter, Raddin, were coming to our house last weekend. sssh, she’s one of talented and creative people i’ve ever met. she used to paint her canvas shoes with these rainbow colors back then at college. now she has this baby headband online store named after her daughter, Radrad. it was really cute to see her and Radrad played together!